I’m Mark V

I love the interwebs, what a fantastic workplace

I’m a boy from the bush who loves his wife, his kids (3 of them) and all things web, I’m a wanna be front end web designer and developer who has a real passion for helping people.

markv design has been assisting customers with their on-line presence since 2010. As the new kid on the block, my attention to detail, enthusiasm and fresh ideas are what set me apart from the rest. I’m a straight shooter who talks to you in plain English and not jargon which most people find boring anyway (unless your a web nerd like me). My approach to design can be summed up with an analogy, I’m like a duck, calm on the surface but working madly under it. I find most people like this approach and my personal attention is solely focused on you the customer.

With a massive team of 1 (well 2 to be honest because my wife is my proof reader), you are dealing with the man himself and that means it’s my backside on the line if I stuff up. I’m sure I can help you with any project and if I can’t, well I won’t string you along and tell you up front.

Skill set

  • Competent in HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript including HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery.
  • Competent in Jekyll, the Liquid template language and Markdown.
  • Good working knowledge (ongoing education) of WordPress and WordPress Theme building (this site is built on it).
  • Responsive design techniques (so you can view your site on multiple screen sizes including mobile).
  • Proficient in SASS, a CSS preprocessor.
  • Worked with and use version control.
  • Worked with and use Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation CSS frameworks.
  • Basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL including OOP (ongoing education). I mainly focus on front end stuff.
  • Started studying Ruby with a focus on moving to Ruby on Rails.
  • Good working knowledge of Adobe CS (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks), FileZilla, Sublime Text 2.

I look forward to sharing my passion for the web with those important to me – you


Mark Valenzia